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Profitability Analysis Yields Reliable Forecasts

Why is a profitability analysis so important? Understanding the relationship between your marketing, sales, order processing and financial operations with their specific cost/revenue structures is the only way to create reliable forecasts with precision and accuracy. Take the guesswork out of which customers are improving or diminishing your profit margins with NAV-X distribution software.

Granulate Costs for Maximum Visibility

NAV-X will display real-time costs according to a number of different categories including customer, sales order, region and product. At such a fine level of analytic detail you no longer need to speculate where you can save money. NAV-X provides maximum visibility into:

  • Complaint Handling and Customer Management – identify the clients and problems that cost you the most in complaint handling and management.
  • Product Movements – reduce warehouse inventory and see which products leave your warehouse quickest.
  • Audit Timescales – full transparency and compliance throughout your business reduces costs associated with audits.
  • Sales Closing – ensure the sales margin sold is the margin realized with full order cycle analysis.
  • Unified Operations – from accounting through sales, marketing, order processing and more you can build reports that display the most efficient operations in your business.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Profitability Analysis:

"Profitability Analysis" is part of the NAV-X for Distribution line of products, developed by NAV-X, LLC.