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National Technology Services

A developer of business management software.

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National Technology Services, Inc. (NTS) is a VAD (Value Added Distributor), systems integrator, and software developer utilizing Psion platforms, and other Auto ID (automatic identification) technologies, since 1988. We partner with our network of professional resellers to work closely with end-users in order to implement a reliable, cost-effective, well supported, and often times custom tailored system.

NTS is the VAR’s VAR (Value Added Reseller), providing professional software development services for large and small organizations, such as VARs, distributors, OEMs, and other resellers. Our custom programs are well designed, user friendly, on schedule, on budget, well tested, and meet specifications, resulting in successful implementations for our clients.

In addition to custom software development services, NTS offers “off-the-shelf” (packaged) software products. These are products developed exclusively by NTS and are ready for use without customization. However, NTS does provide customization services. Some products are application or operational programs, while others are development tools for those developing their own programs.

NTS also supplies Auto ID equipment without programming, such as barcode readers and mobile printers.

During the last eighteen years, NTS has served a wide variety of markets with a great depth of applications. NTS stands ready to solve operational problems and enhance business processes through Auto ID technology by utilizing top quality, custom and off-the-shelf NTS software and hardware solutions.

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