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Service outages may be an infrequent occurrence for the utility industry—and being prepared in the way you handle them can make the difference between a happy or an irate customer. With NISC’s Outage Management System your utility is able to respond quickly and efficiently to both minor and severe outage situations. In times of outage, the ability to collect the right data quickly and communicate it accurately is imperative. NISC’s Outage Management System features a GIS interface allowing you to work directly from the map as well as leverage the tight integration with AMI and SCADA solutions. With apps, managing an outage has never been easier. By providing operations personnel an accurate, visual display of the location of outages and crews, everyone is informed of the situation and able to do their part to help your customers.

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The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Outage Management:

"Outage Management" is part of the NISC Accounting and Business Solution line of products, developed by National Information Solutions Cooperative.