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MuniSoft’s Utility Billing system offers the flexibility necessary to handle multi-tiered rate structures for water and sewer, hydro, gas and other utilities. The billing accounts can be easily created “automatically” by using information from the assessment roll to quickly set up such things as billing information, name, address, legal description, etc. Meter readings can be easily input either manually or from automated data collection systems. Statistical reports provide consumption and billing summaries by charge and rates.

Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Utility Billing Program. These extensions include the following: * Handheld Meter Reading Interface * Pre-Authorized Payments

Features and Benefits

  • Features a very user friendly design that uses common keyboard conventions, “hot keys”, drop down windows and extensive search capabilities for easy information retrieval and processing of routine procedures
  • “Built in” safety features such as automatic internal backups during critical functions such as postings
  • Automatic utility roll setup from the tax and assessment roll ensures consistent information format between taxes and utilities and eliminates duplication
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of utility rates including metered rates, flat rates and the ability to “link” rates together
  • Accommodates both demand and consumption meters for water, gas and electrical billings
  • Features multiple search capability by name, location, route or walksheet sequence number
  • Integrated with counter receipting, tax and assessment roll, owner/renter database and general ledger
  • Ability to charge interest and provide discounts on utility charges with the option to override the charges or discounts on an individual basis upon receipt of payment
  • Automatically records history of any changes made to property information such as occupant changes, meter changes, rate changes, etc.
  • Features automatic estimate billing capabilities based on historical consumption or on user defined minimums
  • “Find Errors” feature will flag billings that are outside of a user defined tolerance, disconnected, negative consumption, etc., right at the time of entering the readings
  • Batch balancing capability allows the user to balance meter readings to manual records such as meter books and/or electronic meter reading devices
  • Interface to the exclusive MuniSoft meter reading system or to industry standard electronic reading devices (optional)
  • Extensive billing information can be viewed from one point of entry including:
    • service address and legal description
    • assessment roll number and occupant
    • meter deposit date, amount and receipt #
    • meter serial number, size and location
    • route number, last reading date/details
    • billing consumption history
    • utility charges and breakdown by utility
    • balance outstanding
    • date of last payment
  • Full counter receipting capabilities featuring multiple cashiering, integrated general, tax and utility receipting, automatic pro rata processing, ability to revise, void, display or reprint receipts
  • Search capabilities for receipts by roll number, civic address, owner name or owner number
  • Convenient balancing controls
  • Full range of reports and forms including:
    • Occupant Listing – renters/owners
    • Mailing Labels
    • Mail Merge
    • Utility Rates Listing
    • Usage Statistics
    • Custom Letters
    • Billing Master
    • Ledger Master
    • Meter Deposit Information
    • Unpaid Accounts – Aged Analysis
    • Unpaid Accounts – Charges Analysis
    • Walksheet
    • Receipts Journal
    • General Journal
    • Utility Notices
    • Past Due Notices

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Utility Billing:

"Utility Billing" is part of the MuniSoft line of products, developed by MuniSoft.