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MuniSoft PubWorks is an activity-based cost accounting system used for managing municipal infrastructure and municipal resources such as equipment, employees and materials. Unique to PubWorks is its user-friendly and highly efficient data entry process that makes using this management accounting system practical. Our clients find that on average it takes only one minute per employee per day to maintain the system.

Simplicity does not come at the expense of features and functionality. This solution is suitable for, and can be tailored to, large and small municipalities alike. PubWorks is a practical, affordable and user-friendly solution that provides results!

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PubWorks is designed around the principle of employees providing labour and using materials and equipment at various locations in the municipality. PubWorks seamlessly ties this information together creating a wealth of historical information that can be used for analysis and future planning.

PubWorks – 3150

PubWorks – 3150 is designed to specifically meet the requirements set out by PSAB (Bulletin 3150, Accounting for Tangible Capital Assets). This asset management solution provides a standardized format for recording asset information, updating the asset registry and the ability to depreciate assets and provide asset reports. This user friendly software is an affordable solution for municipalities wanting to quickly achieve the requirements set out by PSAB.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager enables managers to monitor equipment usage and stay on top of preventative maintenance programs, equipment servicing and repair, monitor costs and optimize capital replacement.

Service Manager

Service Manager provides a practical approach to managing service requests, allocating resources, prioritizing work, monitoring performance and planning. View a printer-friendly version of PubWorks – Service Manager.

GIS Interface

PubWorks GIS Interface allows you to graphically represent the cost of infrastructure maintenance and service on a map with the symbology that is most appropriate to you and your organization. This method of information representation can be very effective when attempting to communicate your operation’s performance to elected officials, governmental managers and the public.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Public Works:

"Public Works" is part of the MuniSoft line of products, developed by MuniSoft.