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The MuniSoft Accounts Receivable is a winning choice designed specifically with local government accounting needs in mind. Popular features include recurring charges, in process items, delivery billing, statistical reporting, multi-batch processing and integration with the MuniSoft receipting module.

Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Accounts Receivable program. These extensions include the following:

  • Multi-Batch Processing
  • Pre-Authorized Payments

Features and Benefits

  • Offers rapid “over the counter” invoice preparation
  • Integrates with MuniSoft receipting programs for one-point entry of payments
  • Supports routine “batch” billings on monthly, quarterly or annual frequencies
  • Provides differing frequencies for the same customer
  • Handles both flat charge and/or variable charge billings
  • Features MuniSoft tax codes that when assigned to billing items eliminate the need to re-define tax rules such as tax rates, taxes applicable and GST rebates
  • Features AR Codes that allow you to define separate accounting rules, aging periods, interest calculation rules and interest rates
  • Supports multiple user-defined aging periods for accounts
  • Supports varying interest payment terms, minimum charge and an interest charge threshold
  • Offers customer information import (including name, address, phone number and email address) from MuniSoft products
  • Offers an “In Process” feature that allows you to record items to be included in the “next invoice”
  • Features paperless audit trails
  • Can be used to rapidly enter multiple items to be billed or to record deliveries that are to be billed later
  • Supports either cash or accrual accounting
  • Features a “Reprint” option for unpaid invoices
  • Reports:
    • Unpaid Items
    • Sales Statistics
    • Aged Account Analysis
    • Unpaid Accounts
    • Statements
  • Benefits include:
    • Quick setup of accounts through the customer import option
    • Less time spent on manual calculations of interest, billing charges, payments, etc.
    • Reduced opportunity for calculation errors
    • Easy invoice generation en masse of individual basis
    • Less chance of revenue loss through missed billings
    • Improved collection of general accounts receivable
    • Improved capability to charge and collect interest on unpaid accounts
    • Better audit trail for charges and collections
    • Professional looking invoices and statements
    • Immediate access to account history and balance information
    • Ability to report and analyze billings

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the MuniSoft line of products, developed by MuniSoft.