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A developer of business management software.

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Our Mission

MuniSoft’s mission is to develop lasting partnerships with our clients, built on understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations by providing specialized computer products and services delivered by responsive, competent people who are dedicated to excellence, integrity and client satisfaction.

Company Background

MuniSoft is a Canadian company that specializes in providing computer solutions for local governments. MuniSoft is recognized as a leader in this field, for its commitment to the industry and for high standards in customer satisfaction.

MuniSoft has been supplying computer solutions to local governments since 1985. We have earned a reputation for our easy to use, full featured software that is backed by excellent support services. This reputation has resulted in many municipalities switching from competitive systems to MuniSoft in order to achieve more results or better service.

Over 600 local governments across Canada have chosen MuniSoft to provide them with system solutions. We serve these local governments from our national office in Regina as well as a branch office in Kingston, Ontario.

MuniSoft offers a complete and total system solution. This has enabled us to provide a high level of service and a proven solution for local government offices. We offer a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • software development, system design and configuration
  • toll-free telephone support
  • remote desktop service
  • training (on-site, regional and in our offices)
  • equipment sales and service
  • network installation and configuration
  • forms design and printing
  • integrated help and supporting documentation
  • computer supplies
  • systems integration and interfacing
  • systems consulting and evaluation
  • electrical service analysis
  • mapping and geographic information systems

MuniSoft provides system solutions for local governments including counties, townships, rural municipalities, towns, villages and cities.

With over 600 clients and 25 years experience, MuniSoft is in a unique position to provide a very specialized solution at a very competitive price.

Product Lines

  • MuniSoft

    A full ERP system designed by MuniSoft for government & public administration companies.

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