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Utility Billing Software

A web‑based billing software system designed by MuniBilling.
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Does your municipality, property management company or HOA bill for water, sewer, trash, electricity, or other services? Are you using a bookkeeping program or contact management program to try to bill your utilities, but find you have to cobble things together to make it work …or sort-of work? Have you looked at other utility billing software programs but found they were just too expensive, with super high support fees you have to pay each year? Or maybe you’ve been using a DOS-based program…and each time you update your computer’s operating system, you worry that it will not longer be able to function properly?

Their complete utility billing software toolkit can make your utility billing easy. Their services will save you time and money, so you can spend your resources on what really matters.

MuniBilling offers all the features your town needs in our utility billing software, including E-Billing, Meter and Data Integration, Service Orders, Reporting and more.

Popular Functionality Modules

Data Importing/Exporting & Meter Integration Do you have a meter reading system in place now? No problem! MuniBilling integrates with any meter reading system, so you don’t have to worry. And, if you are a small…

Customer Account Management With MuniBilling’s utility billing software, we’ve made it easy for you to access and manage all of your customer data in one place. Take customer payments from…

Reporting MuniBilling understands that having the ability to access real-time accounting reports is just as important as the ability to bill your customers easily and cost effectively.…

E-Billing MuniBilling understands the importance of keeping operational costs down, which is why they created their utility billing software to have fully integrated e-billing built in…

Service Orders MuniBilling’s utility billing software makes it easy to set up and track your entity’s service orders with their fully-integrated system. Easily enter the details…

Complete Functionality Module List

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