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Multiview Asset Management System

The Multiview Asset Management System (MV-AMS) is a comprehensive scaleable solution capable of handling the needs of the largest companies in America. MV-AMS is a proven leader in the marketplace with many of the Fortune 500 companies using the system. MV-AMS is also flexible enough to handle your company’s most demanding needs.

MV-AMS is a fully integrated part of the Multiview financial accounting system but also operates as a stand-alone application. All Multiview applications are developed using Oracle technology.

MV-AMS Overview

Asset Operations

  • Make partial asset transfers as well as the ability to reestablish the asset to its original state before the transfer
  • Perform mass transfers and partial mass transfers
  • Make changes to an asset’s basis, salvage value, life, method, depreciation expense, accumulated depreciation, depreciable status, G/L account, in-service date, or to other defined fields
  • Perform extensive Like-kind Exchange operations
  • Record independent asset transactions by book
  • Record and track asset maintenance information
  • Maintain an audit trail reflecting additions and changes to an asset
  • Handles large asset volumes (robust Oracle database)
  • Maintain asset equipment codes to speed data entry for new assets by allowing the user to setup asset depreciation fact patterns for each book
  • Review acquisition, transfer, disposition, and change information in a pending folder prior to asset creation or transaction

Asset Information

  • View acquisition information including all asset attributes
  • Maintain asset category information
  • View parent ID number association
  • Handle extensive asset location information
  • Define unlimited custom user fields
  • Maintain extensive change history for each asset
  • Maintain transfer information
  • Utilize user-defined fields to track warranties, leases, and insurance coverage
  • Track Asset Bar Code information
  • Assists with the reconciliation of fixed assets to the property tax records


  • Methods supported:
    • Straight line
    • Declining balance (150%, 200%, and 200% switch to SYD)
    • Sum of the years digits (SYD)
    • ADR
    • ACRS
    • MACRS
    • Canadian
    • User defined
  • Conventions
    • Financial (Daily)
    • Tax (Half year, Mid quarter, Mid-month)
  • Short fiscal year calculations supported
  • Independent fiscal year end closing of books for financial and tax
  • Accommodates 52-53 week year, 13 period accounting, and unequal accounting periods (4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4)
  • Complies with the Job Creation and Workers Assistance Act of 2002, including 30% additional depreciation and new luxury auto limits
  • Performs automatic mid-quarter determination and automates changing the convention if necessary
  • Handles zero and negative basis assets
  • Maintains all book/tax basis differences Projections
  • Depreciation projections are available for periods ranging from 1 to 40 years
  • FAS 109 reporting


A wide range of reporting options exists for MV-AMS. The application supports over 100 system-defined reports for summary and detail information. Users also have the option of using Crystal Reports to create specific reports as well as using Excel to extract data from the database and report on that information.

Company Consolidation Reporting

  • Asset acquisitions
  • Asset dispositions
  • Asset cost and basis information
  • Like-kind exchange details
  • Depreciation expense details
  • IRS tax form support (Forms 4562, 4797, 4684, 4626, & 8824)
  • Book reconciliation information
  • Depreciation projections
  • Physical inventory by location
  • Asset transfers

Books MV-AMS has the flexibility to allow the company to establish an unlimited number of depreciation books. These books can be use to handle the company’s compliance requirements or as a way to forecast and project depreciation.

The standard books include:

  • Financial
  • Regular tax
  • AMT
  • ACE
  • E & P
  • State

General Ledger Interface MV-AMS is integrated into the general ledger suite of applications provided by Multiview. In addition, MV-AMS has developed custom interfaces with other general ledger applications. These interfaces allow assets to be added to the application and to post journal entries into the general ledger.

  • Extensive general ledger journal entry posting capability (acquisitions, dispositions, changes, and transfers)
  • Automatic corrections of journal entries when changes occur with the assets
  • Feed additions and retirements directly from accounts payable system

Company Features

  • Allows for an easy company setup wizard
  • Provides a company calendar wizard, which allows users to define the independent financial and tax calendars
  • Define user security for each company
  • Allows the user to define the G/L account format which can be used for sorting information and posting journal entries
  • Allows for the setup of G/L accounts and account relationships
    • Asset acquisition
    • Asset acquisition offset account
    • Accumulated depreciation
    • Depreciation expense
    • Expense of sale
    • Proceeds amount
    • Gain/Loss account
  • Allows for assets additions to be placed in a pending category in the database so that assets can be reviewed before being added and included on reports
  • Allows for custom stored procedures to be performed as desired by the company
    • Hardware/Software Specifications
    • Operating System: 32-bit application for use on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
    • C/S Computing: Fat Server / Thin Client Technology
  • The user interface uses a thin client approach, which allows for a scaleable solution without having to constantly upgrade the end user equipment. The Data intensive functions are performed only on the application server.
  • The database and application can be centrally maintained, separate from the end user interface. The application is platform independent.
  • The application is an open, relational database environment where accounting data is held in a database separate from the application.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets:

"Fixed Assets" is part of the Multiview line of products, developed by Multiview.