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A developer of business management software.

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M3 offers a complete back-office accounting system in modular format and an executive data-mining tool with access via the Internet. We have been an ASP (Application Service Provider) of our own software since 1998.

Our client base is primarily comprised of franchisees and independent owners of hotels, restaurants and resorts who enjoy the functionality of a $3 Million accounting system for just $300 per month per property. The costs up-front to come online are minimal. Any old PC with printer that is Internet connected is all that is needed at the property or store.

The second big advantage is that, since our accounting applications are available via the Internet, entries at the remote property or at the Corporate Office can be made from anywhere in the world. Reports can also be accessed from anywhere.

Control is maximized at the corporate office by the use of internal, behind the scenes “rules”. The typical Corporate Controller (who is not a software developer) also had the ability to quickly create (and then save) property specific and consolidated reports that pinpoint items of his interest.

Efficiency of the Enterprise is increased because folks in the field (at many levels) can now get job relevant information about their own store or property instantaneously rather than calling and interrupting the corporate office…and then waiting for a reply.

We treat our clients as partners as we continually improve the system. We do not charge for upgrades.

We do not charge for application support.

We provide network security, network equipment & management, development, data backup, data storage and IT management that is all included in the monthly subscription fee.

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