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The Warehouse Management System is a fully integrated module that extends the power and usefulness of the Inventory module. With WMS, you track your entire inventory to the bin level. Each item can exist in many bins and each bin can hold more than one item.

The Picking List program takes advantage of the WMS by selecting the bins with the oldest stock and the most logical location for picking efficiency.

With InOrder’s Warehouse Management System, you can have product in an unlimited number of bins and you can have multiple products in a single bin.

Included with the Warehouse Management System is InOrder’s Cart Picking program. This program sorts all orders that are to be picked into groups. Each group contains orders with similar line items. The number of slots on the cart determines the number of orders in each group. This highly efficient method of picking needs only a single pass through the warehouse to pick all orders in the group.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Warehouse Management:

"Warehouse Management" is part of the InOrder line of products, developed by Morse Data.