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InOrder’s Reorder List produces a recommended list of items to reorder based upon reorder quantities, predicted promotion demand or statistical analysis of past sales. Your marketing people can massage this list and then transfer their needs to the purchasing department.

Using InOrder’s Purchase Order Module, the purchasing department can then further refine this list based upon purchase quantity discounts, vendor pricing and other criteria and then generate a purchase order. Unit of measure conversion, vendor SKUs and vendor descriptions are fully supported.

Items received are entered into InOrder via grid format or by scanning the vendors’ bar codes. This module will accept receipts as “correct” so that receipts are entered into inventory, the PO is updated, the receipt is “locked” from further changes, and GL data is made available for transfer to GL.

Upon receipt of the items, InOrder will print labels for received items as well as other items upon request. Then the system will print a Put Away list of received items in location sequence and print a returns packing slip for items that are being returned to the vendor.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order:

"Purchase Order" is part of the InOrder line of products, developed by Morse Data.