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InOrder’s POS has more functionality than many of the stand-alone POS systems. It is firmly rooted in the InOrder database. The POS module can access most areas of the InOrder system, locating inventory throughout the store, the warehouses, or any of the other stores as well. This increased control over inventory will help serve customers better, at the same time giving more information to the employees in the store.

The Point of Sale module is designed for touch screen order processing. This is the most efficient means of running a register. Utilizing this technology InOrder is able to create an environment where the mouse is rarely used.

The system also has a drill down capability at the register, making looking up inventory from the register a painless task.

If your customer would prefer to ship their order or if the item is not in your retail store, you can have the POS system ship those items from your warehouse or have the item held for pickup.

There are a number of POS register-terminals available. They are all PC-based but differ in options such as monitor/flat screen, number of cash drawers, CPU speed, PC memory, PC disk space, pole display, scanner, card reader, receipt printer, etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sale:

"Point of Sale" is part of the InOrder line of products, developed by Morse Data.