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Job Cost is InOrder’s module for tracking and reporting on the many detail-oriented tasks within your organization. It is flexible and comprehensive. It is designed to be used in a variety of situations.

Within the fulfillment industry it can be used to quote ongoing fulfillment jobs and individual kit building projects. Estimated project costs and profitability are always calculated as the job parameters change. This feature lets you know how low a quote you can submit and still have a profitable and also when to turn down a project. This feature alone should pay for InOrder in a short period of time! Job Templates may be defined for your standard projects. When a new job request comes in you just copy the template into a new job record, making changes as necessary.

You may start the job as a quote or just begin it as a job. The quote is used as the job budget if the job is accepted. All hours and materials are recorded against each job. Job progress reports and job profitability reports are available.

Within the publishing community, Job Costing for acquisitions and reprints can help you track manuscript evaluation and forecasted income and expenses for a new title.

The manuscript evaluation forecasted sales and expenses become your budgeted amounts for titles that you decided to (re)print. Profit and Loss statements are available for each title. Job progress reports keep you posted on the status and costs of each job.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Cost:

"Job Cost" is part of the InOrder line of products, developed by Morse Data.