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If you are purchasing the MultiClient module, the InOrder Client license is available so that you can offer each of your clients real-time access to their data while at the same time prohibiting them from seeing your other clients’ information.

You control how much access they have. If you permit it, they can view inventory levels, recent sales and even enter orders themselves. They can run sales reports and generally obtain the information they need to run their businesses which, in the past, would have been provided by your account reps.

This is a real win-win offering to your customers. You save on support costs and generate a new revenue stream from Client license rentals. Your customers get the information they have always needed whenever they want it, day or night, in real-time. That is a real competitive advantage!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Client Licenses:

"Client Licenses" is part of the InOrder line of products, developed by Morse Data.