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Success requires instant access and response to real-time information sculpted to meet your organization’s specific needs. This requires powerful tools that dynamically explore and react to data points in meaningful ways. With Monsoon Stone Edge’s Executive Information and Alerts System, data is easily and rapidly transformed into strategic information.

Take the guesswork out of decision making, replacing it with sophisticated intelligence that ensures all options are evaluated to avoid expensive errors and make informed, proactive decisions.

Stay current at all times through pre-defined alerts and reports that span all critical success factors including inventory, orders, warehousing, sales and customer history.

Take a giant leap in operational efficiency by accessing information instantly for immediate trend, cause-and-effect and performance analysis.

Put an end to costly delays caused by wading through operational data and by conventional time and labor-intensive report generation methods.

Increase your responsiveness so that you are no longer reacting to problems –out of stocks, lost inventory, shipping errors- but rather anticipating and acting to avoid potential difficulties..

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"Executive Information and Alerts" is part of the Monsoon Stone Edge line of products, developed by Monsoon Commerce.

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