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Golden Years is made for your clients who demand detailed and highly accurate yearly tax analysis. This cash-flow-based application focuses on asset growth, income, expenses, and taxes. This product is designed to help your clients plan their later years with unparallel accuracy and completeness. This product will allow you to:

  • View comprehensive before and after tax cash-flows
  • Model irregular income and expense cash-flows
  • Models plans around life events
  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations
  • Perform required minimum distribution calculations
  • Show capital accumulation and draw down
  • Utilize the unique “Audit Trail” feature, for fast verification of calculations

Golden Years has the flexibility to perform nearly unlimited scenarios allowing you to change inflation rates, expenses, earnings, pension proceeds, etc. This flexible scenario planning feature allows you to show your client any and all alternatives. Additionally, this program allows you change investment mixes with age; and even specify what percentage of surplus income is reinvested and (reinvested) in what. Finally this product includes many reports some of which are:

  • Cash Flow - This report provides you with a graphical illustration of your clients annual income and expenses, including: personal living expenses, life insurance and other premiums, mortgage and debt repayment, taxes, planned deposits to investments and retirement accounts, and other miscellaneous expense items. This report will automatically calculate earned income, pension plans, social security, and other sources of income.
  • Retirement Projection - A graphical analysis of your clients capital and how long it will last over the rest of their life.
  • Sources of Funds - This report provides a graphical picture of your clients sources of income, their future cash flow, and at which age income sources will begin/end.
  • Dozens of other customizable reports

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"Golden Years" is part of the TOTAL Planning System line of products, developed by Money Tree Software.

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