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Easy Money is the comprehensive planning module of TOTAL Planning System; it covers all aspects of a financial plan, allowing you to show clients the best way to meet their objectives. Easy Money also allows you to adjust retirement age, earnings, and financial goals to show your clients what changes can do to their ultimate financial goals. In addition, you are given the ability to:

  • Determine retirement needs
  • Show multiple solutions to retirement shortfall
  • Analyze life insurance, disability, and LTC needs
  • Project education funding requirements
  • Calculate net worth and cash-flows
  • Decide on optimal asset allocations
  • Display “Audit Trail” for validating report numbers
  • Track client portfolios and much more

Furthermore, with Easy Money you are given the following features:

  • Assisted Data Entry - Easy Money has many features to assist with your data entry in a consistent, accurate manner. The assisted operations include: automatic capitalization, automatic entry of specific dates, values and amounts preset by the user, displaying warning messages when dates are questionable, inserting commas and decimal points in number fields, etc. Additionally, drop-down menus throughout the input screens provide specific choices for speeding up data entry.
  • Database Structure - All client information you enter into Easy Money is saved in a common database. This database will allow you to enable global updating, searching, and sorting based on client characteristics you specify
  • Net Worth Statement - Illustration of a client’s financial situation; with amount of assets, savings, investments, retirement accounts, and personal assets minus liabilities.
  • Estate Taxes - A graphical representation of your client’s exposure to income tax and estate taxes.
  • Education funding - This report shows your clients the options they have for paying for their child’s education.

Other Applications

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"Easy Money" is part of the TOTAL Planning System line of products, developed by Money Tree Software.

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