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Minotaur offers various solutions for capturing your production data in real time from the plant floor. These options include:

  • Minotaur’s Touch Screen Weigh/Label Production Module
  • Read in files produced by your existing equipment. Ie. weighing and labeling stations
  • Scan barcodes using the handheld barcode scanning module with applicable functionality options.

Minotaur’s Touch Screen Weigh/Label Production Module

Minotaur Software’s Touch Screen Production Module offers live plant floor weigh scale monitoring and printing of barcode labels. It is an efficient way of recording weighted product, as it is being made. This is especially valuable in environments where using a keyboard is not practical such as production areas that are messy or wet and for Operators wearing thick gloves. Product can be produced to inventory or against specific customer orders which is often utilized when producing fresh product. When producing against customer sales orders, customer specific labels are generated plus items weighed are added to order manifest eliminating the need to later scan those items.


  • Unique serial numbers are created for each item weighed with barcode labels
  • Labels produced to your specification can include customer name, customer code, order number, item code, item description, net product weight, production date and more
  • Case weights of finished goods are tracked and costs calculated, raw materials and packaging items are depleted
  • Tare weights are utilized to ensure labels and production information reflect the actual weight of the product being produced.
  • Improved accuracy on the production lines.
    • Operators select orders and items to be produced.
    • Avoids keying errors and over producing of items
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy for office staff.
    • Great for fresh product manufacturers because orders entered in office appear instantly on production floor, no paperwork or call downs • Production information is transferred live into your Minotaur system. No keying of information or transferring files.

File Reads

If your existing weighing and labeling equipment can send a file to the server containing the required production data, Minotaur can load that information into the system.

Barcode Scanning

Staff would scan each case label as it is produced. Cases could be scanned into inventory or against a customer sales order if applicable.

Regardless of the option utilized, packaging, labour and other overhead costs can be incorporated into the cost of your finished goods. Due to the variations in customer processes and goals, Minotaur currently offers 8 disassembly costing methods.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real Time Plant Floor Production Recognition Options:

"Real Time Plant Floor Production Recognition Options" is part of the Minotaur Business System line of products, developed by Minotaur Software.