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The Minotaur EDI module is a comprehensive EDI package completely interfaced to the order entry, invoicing and inventory control modules. Incoming purchase orders are validated and then loaded directly as sales orders. Functional acknowledgements can be generated automatically or manually. Outgoing documents are prepared from the corresponding Minotaur document.

Outgoing documents can be prepared from any workstation on the network and transmitted as required. Incoming functional acknowledgements are applied and documents with outstanding functional acknowledgements are listed as a report identifying outstanding FA’s by system document number. All aspects of the EDI module are available at any workstation on the network. Coupled with communication software, generally provided by the VAN at nominal rates, this package provides all your EDI needs.

Important Features

  • Completely Integrated
  • ASC X12, VICS and UCS supported
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • ASN, Invoice and statement generation
  • Shipping Label ( MH10, UCC 128 Common Shipping Label)

Additional Features

  • Completely integrated
  • ASC X12, VICS and UCS supported
  • Functional Acknowledgement with tracking and auto or manual FA generation
  • Purchase Orders, distributed order support, GLN supported and a unique purchase order verification before loading
  • Automatic carton serial number generation and tracking with pallet and carton support
  • Shipping Labels (MH10, UCC 128)
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Compatible with all major VANS

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EDI:

"EDI" is part of the Minotaur Business System line of products, developed by Minotaur Software.