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The Minotaur CRM module allows you to manage your business contacts, both prospects and customers, to help you track all interactions for improved customer service. A master record for each contact keeps track of all your key information about that contact. Each Minotaur user can be assigned tasks to complete for a given contact, like preparing quotes, following up on complaints, etc. When complete, the Minotaur user can record the task as finished and add in any related comments in the notes section. All entries are date stamped for an easy chronological showing of events. A prospect can be easily turned into a customer so the entire history of your sales prospecting is retained.

Important Features

  • Individual user task reports
  • Complete complaint tracking for ISO quality control
  • Your prospect can become a customer easily so you eliminate the need for a separate CRM package
  • Up to date information is accessible by all users

Additional Features

  • Unlimited length notes section for recording details of customer/prospect interaction
  • Management can view all open tasks by user to keep on top of what contacts have issues
  • You can print labels for mass mailings to prospects/customers
  • Contact list reports can be produced showing summarized or detail information
  • You can assign multiple tasks to different users all relating to a single contact
  • You can set up multiple people from one company with their individual addresses phone numbers, extensions and direct email addresses
  • Your staff can now use one central repository of information about a contact thereby avoiding individual staff members from maintaining their own personal database of information on a customer that is not accessible except through them
  • On the road sales staff can connect remotely to manage their prospect and customer accounts through the internet

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM:

"CRM" is part of the Minotaur Business System line of products, developed by Minotaur Software.