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Minotaur Business System

A full ERP system designed by Minotaur Software for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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Minotaur Software - One System Is A Better Way

Are you ready to eliminate redundant data entry? Is expired product or backorders costing you money? Do you need better inventory and lot tracking controls?

The Minotaur Business System helps small to mid size manufacturers and distributors eliminate the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets. With a focus in the food and chemical industries since 1985, Minotaur’s industry specific software and practical industry experience will help your company integrate financial, inventory, traceability, manufacturing, customer service and quality assurance data. As the developer of the software, Minotaur is also ideal for companies with unique business processes and special needs. With real-time, integrated solutions for the office, production areas and warehouse, you can enjoy managed inventory, reduced costs and improved productivity; a solid basis on which to make decisions, grow your business and increase profits.

“We’re now doing eight times the volume we did seven years ago, with little to no increase in people cost. My investment in this solution was an bargain!“ -Richard Halenda, CEO of Halenda’s Meats in Oshawa Ontario

Improved Productivity

  • increased revenues through various sales order entry abilities
  • on the road selling/order entry
  • barcode scanning for receiving, shipping and warehouse
  • materials requirements information – know what you need to make or purchase and when
  • fully integrated EDI with retailers, warehouses, co-packers and used for intercompany transactions
  • real time production recognition
  • ease of tracking over and above agreements with retailers
  • routing and route management abilities

Visibility of Costs and Margins

  • know your profit margins across products, product groups and customers
  • more accurate costing through the incorporation of duty, brokerage, freight on incoming raw materials
  • the inclusion of labour/overhead costs in the manufacturing process into the cost of your finished products
  • manufacturing yield analysis
  • multiple customer sell price costing methods including multi level commodity pricing

Quality Assurance

  • serial number and lot traceability
  • ease of end to end traceability/recall abilities
  • barcode scanning and label generation
  • product test result tracking and release
  • certificate of analysis generation
  • allergen management

Why Choose Minotaur?

When you choose Minotaur Software, you are choosing a complete and customizable business management solution. You will enjoy a long term partnership built on accountability, respect and a desire for mutual success.

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Complete Functionality Module List

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