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The better your inventory management, the better your bottom line. We can make it easy. Our purchasing and inventory management component includes:

  • Planned purchasing
  • Demand smoothing
  • Highly sophisticated lead time and service-level logic
  • Demand profiling
  • Point-to-point, multi-drop and redistribution purchasing
  • Minimum buy optimization and purchase order “pushing“
  • ”Redistribute vs. purchase“ logic engine
  • Pre-price-increase return on investment calculation capability
  • Sole source, commodity and consignment inventory purchasing
  • Regional cost management
  • Buyer, location and product-line performance analysis

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing & Inventory Management:

"Purchasing & Inventory Management" is part of the HDX and Hardgoods Distribution Software line of products, developed by Mincron Software Systems.

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