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Agencies offering Literacy or ESL programs will find the CSST Literacy / ESL module essential to accurate and efficient management of their operation. This module focuses on literacy programs, scheduling, personnel (volunteer and professional), funding sources, program locations, client goals and intended learner outcomes. Detailed records may be kept on client motivations, available hours and other service details, testing results and progress, and client-tutor match results. Enrollment, scheduling, and service delivery tracking are available for your use, if needed. In addition, a waiting list with assigned priority may be maintained. On the tutor side, detailed record keeping of basic demographic data is provided by the CSST Base Program, while the Literacy / ESL Module offers additional detail on volunteer status, education, training, interests, related work or volunteer history, program involvement, and enrollment.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Literacy Program/ESL:

"Literacy Program/ESL" is part of the CSST line of products, developed by Miles Business Management Software.