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CSST offers a flexible and easily adaptable childcare framework for use with any childcare program. While the CSST Base Program tracks basic client demographic information, the Daycare and Unified Child Care module adds the ability to track enrollment, eligibility requirements, child care-specific service details and waiting lists and wait list priorities. It accommodates multiple records per child to allow historical tracking of conditions that change over time, and it provides for recording detailed “service needed“ requirements by day of week and hour of the day, down to the minute. The Service Delivery component allows tracking of multiple funding sources and payments, including separate fund payments and parent co-payments on a per-child, per specified time period basis. It enables the generation of invoices from this data. In addition, multiple providers and their specific licensed capacities and enrollments are also tracked. CSST offers an instantaneous “snap shot” of any individual provider’s enrollment on any given date and even any given hour or minute of the day!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Daycare and Unified Child Care:

"Daycare and Unified Child Care" is part of the CSST line of products, developed by Miles Business Management Software.