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Miles Business Management Software

A developer of business management software.

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Miles Business Management Software provides highly customized integration, networking and Internet services as well as application development, technical support and software customization for a wide range of businesses nationwide. Our engineers and consultants are seasoned, skilled professionals.

Miles Business Management Software is relied upon for the comprehensive solutions it provides its client companies. Miles Business Management Software’s ability to provide turnkey solutions to its customers lies in its wide range of integrated services including:

  • Graphic Design & Website Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Networking Installation & Support Services
  • Software Installation & Support Services
  • Hardware Installation & Service
  • Email Account Setup & Hosting
  • Multiple Office Connectivity
  • Internet Telephony, Voice Over IP, and Traditional Phone Systems
  • Live Video Internet Broadcasting, Video Conferencing
  • Technical Support
  • Training (Custom Software & Off-The-Self Software) Associations

As a complete solutions provider, Miles Business Management Software is able to provide its clients with a single, tightly integrated system developed by the same team of skilled engineers from end-to-end. This “single source” approach saves Miles Business Management Software’s clients time and money they would otherwise spend searching for multiple vendors to provide individual services.

The experienced and highly skilled Miles Business Management Software team will deliver the precise solution you need, custom tailored to your specific business requirements, on time and on budget. Miles Business Management Software is relied upon as a leading computer consulting, custom software development, and networking service company because of its dedication to delivering an exceptional high-tech service and its commitment to a real dollar return on investment for its customers.

Miles Business Management Software takes pride in its ability to consistently provide solutions to its clients that are both cost-effective and time-efficient. Miles Business Management Software works with each of its clients to find ways to utilize and leverage the latest technologies to help them gain a competitive edge.

Experienced engineers will work with you to find ways to optimize your investment in the hardware and software you use to run your business. Miles Business Management Software’s engineers have successfully customized QuickBooks, MAS 90, and Peachtree accounting software and have custom developed contact management solutions for ACT!, Goldmine and Microsoft Outlook software. Our software developers have also created databases for clients across a variety of platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MSDE, and our skilled support specialists can troubleshoot even the most complex Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 problems.

Miles Business Management Software is a leading provider of Multiple Office Connectivity solutions which enable you to conduct business anywhere via remote networking, your cell phone, Palm Pilot, PC Anywhere or through a virtual private network created specifically for your company using the latest web-based applications.

Product Lines

  • CSST

    A multi-module management system designed by Miles Business Management Software for health care & social services companies.

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