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Have you been searching for a cost effective, time saving solution for your retail business? Does your competition have better technology? Due to the broad nature of point of sale systems in the marketplace, it is hard to find a solution that is scalable in both size and type. Mik & Associates is pleased to introduce the Fusion Retail Solution – Designed for customers of all shapes and sizes.

The Fusion Retail Solution is compatible with most Btrieve, Pervasive.SQL, and SQL based accounting systems and comes in three different packages to accommodate any size retail operation: Fusion Retail – Single Register; Fusion Small Business Edition; and Fusion Enterprise Edition.

Fusion Retail – Single Register is a powerful and easy-to-use software system for all of your point-of-sale needs, configured specifically for the smaller retail environments that demand more. For this package, Mik & Associates has combined both hardware and software in an affordable package for the companies who require a quick, easy and most importantly, a fully integrated software solution.

With the Fusion Retail – Single Register, you’ll get almost all of the advanced features and benefits of the Fusion Enterprise Edition at a fraction of the cost.

Fusion Retail - Single Register includes:

  • The Fusion Retail Solution Register software package
  • The Fusion Retail Solution Host Module
  • The Fusion Retail Solution Accounting System Interface
  • Top of the line Cash Drawer
  • Keyboard Wedge Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • High Output Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Industrial Strength Laser Scanner

This powerful software solution will help you take your business to the next level of performance and profitability while still maintaining reliability, functionality, and most importantly, scalability for when you want to grow. Contact Mik & Associates today for pricing.

Fusion Small Business Edition helps in the dilemma of never having enough time during the day to get what needs to be done, done. The Fusion Small Business Edition is an all-inclusive software system that integrates into most small to mid-tier Pervasive.SQL (Btrieve) accounting systems, eliminating the need for dual entry of your retail sales saving you time and money.

With the Fusion Small Business Edition’s integration to your accounting system, you no longer have to settle for a simple general ledger transaction. With Fusion’s powerful integration you can spend more time and energy on moneymaking ideas, not duplicate data entry and constant monitoring of data. Every dollar spent on business technology should increase your company’s ability to grow and become more profitable. Fusion uses your accounting system’s inventory, sales order, accounts receivable, and bank book modules giving you all of the data you need with the simple press of a button.

The Fusion Small Business Edition delivers the features and functionality you would only expect to see at a large corporate retailer – all in one dynamic package. Set yourself apart from your competition and give your company the muscle to grow, by calling Mik & Associates today.

Fusion Enterprise Edition was created for the retailers using an SQL-based accounting system, and includes all of the features and benefits of Mik & Associates’ Fusion Technology. The same technology companies across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean have come to know and respect.

The Fusion Enterprise Edition utilizes the power of your back office accounting modules taking the guesswork out of customer and inventory management. With this powerful integration to your accounting system, your sales staff can efficiently and effectively do searches for inventory across multiple locations, track serialized inventory items, use special customer/item based pricing, and item kitting all created in the back office. But, the power of Fusion doesn’t end with powerful inventory management. With the integration to your accounting system you can also maintain accounting system customers, as well as marketing customers, take on account payments, and view a customer’s sales history right at the register. Now you can gain insight into customer purchasing habits, loyalty, and spending history.

The Fusion Enterprise Edition includes the following software:

  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Register Software
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Accounting System Interface
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Host/Administration Module
  • The Fusion Enterprise Edition Communications Module

Your sales staff can better serve your customers by increasing the services they offer at the register with the Fusion Enterprise Edition.

Mik & Associates is dedicated to delivering a solid and dependable point-of-sale solution that can be the new foundation for your retail business operations. As technology continues to progress, and your retail business grows and evolves, the Fusion Retail Solution will continue to evolve with you.

The Fusion Retail Solutions are truly the most integrated and dynamic POS solutions on the market and were designed for retail customers who want to gain control of their inventory, customers, and most importantly, their bottom line. To get a listing of the advanced features of the Fusion Retail Solution, contact Mathew Gray.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fusion Retail Solution:

"Fusion Retail Solution" is part of the Fusion Integrated Solutions line of products, developed by Point Solutions LLC.