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What is Fusion Import Tool?

The Fusion Import Tool enables companies to import a comma-delimited, tab-delimited or fixed width file into any Pervasive SQL or Microsoft SQL database. The tool consists of a configuration wizard and an import program. The configuration wizard allows the user to map the import file into one or more tables in the destination database. The mapping functions allow a variety of data transformations to be performed on the incoming data.

What does that mean to you?

If you have ever tried to create your own import tool, you realize how hard and frustrating it can be when the information is error ridden, and time is at a premium. Don’t waste valuable company resources trying to re-invent the wheel, by creating multiple platforms for single conversions.

Focus on your core competencies and let this expert program be the answer to all of your import needs. Whether you use the program once, or twice a day, you will see the benefits of using the Fusion Import Tool.

Why Fusion Import Tool?

Fusion Import Tool has many uses ranging from one-time imports for system upgrades and third party integration, to repetitive imports for integrating mixed vendor system. For example, a sales order import can be created which receives a text file from an external e-Commerce site that allows seamless integration into the existing accounting system with no additional development. It is an invaluable tool for consultants upgrading or replacing an existing account system without a pre-existing upgrade path.

Fusion Import Tool can also be used to bridge the gap between non-compatible systems; such as getting data from a legacy AS400 production program into a modern SQL based accounting system. The only requirements are the ability to retrieve a text based export of the data in one system, and the knowledge of where the information needs to go in the other system. Creating an import configuration does not require any programming knowledge, although, if more advanced methods are needs, the import can use VBScripts or Java Scripts to perform advanced data manipulation and validation.

The Fusion Import Tool contains a variety of pre-canned functions for importing data into most accounting systems. Whether you are a company looking for the product for your own use, or a VAR looking to provide the extra value to your client, Fusion Import will help you save time and money by creating conversions that work.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fusion Import Tool:

"Fusion Import Tool" is part of the Fusion Integrated Solutions line of products, developed by Point Solutions LLC.