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Many companies do not realize that they could save $5,000 to $25,000 per year if they could eliminate tedious data entry. Fusion Barcode Solution™ is a highly integrated and user-friendly inventory management solution designed to increase efficiency and accuracy throughout your warehouse. Fusion Barcode Solution interfaces seamlessly into existing RF or Batch hand-held data terminals, accounting and shipping systems, and any additional warehouse automation equipment you may have – offering you a fully integrated solution.

Fusion Barcode Solution is composed of five (5) different modules, each specifically designed for particular functions within the warehouse to save you time and increase accuracy. Fusion Barcode was designed to help automate and streamline your back of house operations, by enhancing your company’s ability to increase accuracy and productivity through real-time validation of warehouse materials and by eliminating costly errors with electronic data capture. By automating your warehouse, the Fusion Barcode Solution will allow you to track all of your products through each stage of its life cycle, from purchase order to receiving, physical count, and shipping. All of this is done through an easy to use and intuitive package.

Fusion Barcode Shipping™

Fusion Barcode Solution makes the shipping process simple by giving your hand-held data terminals instant access to sales order information. Each scan is immediately verified against the sales order, eliminating the need to “double-check“ each and every item, increasing accuracy and efficiency. When you’re ready to ship an order, all appropriate documents are printed, including the sales order, packing list and customer invoice. Once this process is complete, Fusion Barcode Shipping automatically updates your accounting system with the shipped order.

Fusion Barcode Receiving™

When receiving items at the warehouse, store, or distribution center it is imperative to have a quick and accurate count. The received items are immediately verified against the specific purchase order, eliminating potential errors, incorrect items and redundant information. The Fusion Barcode Receiving module then creates the proper transactions in your accounting system, bypassing the need for manual entry. This quick and simple process will allow your workforce to increase their productivity and focus on other time sensitive duties.

Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer™

Moving items from one warehouse to another can be an extremely tedious process. With some accounting systems, a simple move can be close to 20 steps! With the Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer module, you simply have to pick the source warehouse, the destination warehouse and the items to transfer. Click a button and you’re done! The Fusion Barcode Inter-Location Transfer module takes care of the rest, creating the appropriate inventory transactions in your accounting system.

Fusion Barcode Physical Count™

We hear all too often, ”My inventory is out of control.“ How much more money can you put to your bottom line if you were able to control your inventory and maintain an accurate inventory count 365 days a year? The Fusion Barcode Physical Count module allows you to quickly and accurately take physical counts across multiple warehouses, bins, and lots. With the use of an the Fusion Barcode Physical Count module and an RF or Batch hand-held computer you can audit your inventory counts quickly and easily at any time, instead of waiting for the dreaded yearly cycle-count. This module will make your employees accountable and empower you to make changes to help your company eliminate lost and misplaced items.

Fusion Barcode Printing™

With the Fusion Barcode Printing module, you can put bar coded labels on your existing inventory increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Fusion Barcode Printing module allows you to print any number of labels at any time. Simply select a single item or range of inventory items from your inventory master file, enter the number of labels you want printed (either enter a fixed quantity or let the printing module print labels based off of your current on-hand quantity) and click the PRINT button. It really is that easy!

Time is money, and accuracy is imperative. Give your customers, suppliers and, most importantly, yourself piece of mind knowing that you are going to ship the right products on time, every time. Let our technology work for you, so you can focus on other important issues within your organization, knowing that when you need accurate data immediately, it’s just a click away.

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Other Applications

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