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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations is the front line solution that processes transactions, maintains customer information, and tracks the inventory. This system integrates with popular accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and QuickBooks. It also has open standards which allow universal Windows import/export capabilities.

Point-of-Sale Capabilities

  • Customize and resize transaction screens.
  • Work with a “touch screen” graphical user interface.
  • Define your own keyboard-shortcut macros
  • Enter unlimited line items.
  • Automatically look up price (sales, quantity discount, promotional, price levels).
  • Automatically compute tax, VAT.
  • Look up quantity and item attribute.
  • Display item picture, extended description, and sub-descriptions.
  • Set up default shipping services.
  • Select shipping carrier and calculate shipping charges by weight/value.
  • Support multi-tender transactions, including cash, check, credit card, and debit card.
  • Accept food stamps.
  • Sell and redeem vouchers, gift certificates and gift cards
  • Place transactions on hold and recall.
  • Perform voids and returns at POS.
  • Access online credit card authorizations and capture electronic signatures.
  • Save time and cost with integrated debit and credit card processing.
  • Ensure optional credit card discounts with Address Verification Supports (AVS).
  • Support mix-and-match pricing structure.
  • Discount entire sale or selected items at time of sale.
  • Add customer account.
  • Track customer information, including total sales, number of visits, and last visit date.
  • Issue store credit.
  • Receive payment(s) for individual invoices.
  • Process deposits on orders.
  • Search by customer’s ship-to address.
  • Create and process layaway, back orders, work orders, and sales quotes.
  • Credit items sold to selected sales reps.
  • View daily sales graph at the POS.
  • View and print journals from any register.
  • Preview, search, and print journals by register, batch, and/or receipt number.
  • Print X, Z, and ZZ reports.
  • Print receipts, invoices, and pick tickets with logos/graphics.
  • Print kit components on receipt.
  • Reprint receipts.
  • Enter employee hours with an integrated time clock function
  • Offline mode allows you to continue to sell when the network or server is down.

Inventory Types

  • Standard and service items
  • Serialized (up to three serial numbers per item)
  • Matrix (apparel)
  • Lot matrix
  • Kits (items you fabricate; shows components)
  • Assembly (bill of material)
  • Weight (tare, actual)
  • Tag-along
  • Parent/child
  • Voucher (Gift card, gift certificate, store credit)
  • Non-inventory

Inventory Control and Tracking

  • Track and manage all inventory types.
  • Organize and modify assembly, matrix, and lot matrix items using clear spreadsheets.
  • Look up and modify matrix items by specific attribute (i.e., size, color).
  • Create/modify individual items in a matrix, as well as add or remove dimensions from existing items.
  • Automatically calculate inventory replenishment by restock level or quantity sold.
  • Support multiple suppliers for each item.
  • Define “Master Pack”
  • Assign item substitutes.
  • Track by serial numbers.
  • Create unlimited item aliases.
  • Identify parent and child quantities.
  • Attach notes/reminders to specific items
  • Automatically generate purchase orders (POs).
  • Quickly add items to POs using dialog window.
  • Quickly create new items while creating a PO.
  • Export POs to Microsoft Word for easy customization and viewing in a matrix grid format.
  • Receive shipments.
  • Transfer inventory in/out.
  • Process external file
  • Store and track offline inventory (items not for sale, breakage, etc.).
  • Attach item pictures.
  • Define department and category structure
  • Assign reason codes for inventory adjustments.

Pricing, Sales, and Promotions

  • Set up mix-and-match pricing structure, including pricing and percentage discounts.
  • “Buy X, get Y” discount capability, including percentage discount.
  • Set lot pricing (single, six-pack, case, etc.).
  • Set multiple price levels per customer (price break tables).
  • Set mixed-case discounts.
  • Discount from retail and mark up from cost.
  • Set profit margin and price rounding rules
  • Discount by dollar amount.
  • Assign subtotal amount.
  • Set percent of discount.
  • Put items on sale/promotion.
  • Set up happy hours and sales schedules.
  • Multiple tax rate tables (percent, base, cap) multiple sales tax (GST, PST, etc.).
  • Support Euro and Value-Added Taxation.
  • Define sales commission schedule
  • Give change in local currency.

Advanced Security Options

  • Built-in security systems for manager and POS programs
  • Edit, hide, or view only data fields can be set up and protected based on the cashier’s security level.
  • Set cashier floor and return limits
  • Assign logon passwords
  • Assign reason codes for discounts, price overrides and adjustments
  • Grant or deny cashier permissions to nearly twenty different functions including “no sales”, payouts, abort transaction, selling to employees with discounts, and many more.

Time-saving Tools

  • Simplify item maintenance tasks, such as price changes, with the Inventory Wizard.
  • Quickly add inventory with the New Item Wizard. *Add/modify item dimensions using matrix forms.
  • Design and print bar code and graphic labels with the Label Wizard.
  • Schedule more effectively with a built-in calendar event planner and automatic reminders.

Customizable, Real-time Reports

  • Filter, hide, sort, and group report data.
  • Enable print preview.
  • Adjust report header/columns on-screen.
  • Drill down for access and/or to modify detailed database information directly from Active Reports.
  • Memorize your custom reports.
  • Export data to multiple formats.
  • Work with dozens of other customizeable reports

Customer Management

  • Drive increased sales with discount functionality, including mixed-case discounts.
  • Track purchases by date, price, and quantity.
  • Search by account information.
  • Define different account types
  • Enable Aged Receivables option.
  • Look up, adjust, and track invoices for specific customer accounts
  • Apply finance charges on accounts.
  • Bill payments for net terms.
  • Place limits on customer purchases for specified time period.
  • Utilize 15 user-defined fields for customer data, including birth date, driver’s license number, and resale permit number.
  • Create customer accounts at the POS.
  • Set up multiple shipping addresses per customer.
  • Reprint customer statements and receipts.
  • Generate mailing lists.
  • Print accounts receivable aging report.
  • Print account activities report.

Employee Management

  • Track and manage employee information.
  • Track employee performance.
  • Set up and manage sales commissions.
  • Send messages to cashiers.
  • Enter employee hours using integrated time clock and time card report.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Dynamics RMS-Store Operations:

"Microsoft Dynamics RMS-Store Operations" is part of the Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) line of products, developed by Microsoft.