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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters runs at the head office of a chain of stores, enabling managers to upload and aggregate inventory, sales, and purchase order data from across their entire business. It enables company-wide reporting, communication, and performance analysis.

Inventory Control and Tracking

  • Centralize inventory tracking and management for each store and for the enterprise as a whole.
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters offers detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points, and restock levels for each item at each store and then makes this information visible to the home office.
  • Since some stores may have uniform or disparate inventories, Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters can invoke inventory replenishment at the home office for any group of stores.
  • A master inventory database can be set up and downloaded to any group of stores.
  • Manage all item attributes and properties such as item types, departments, categories, suppliers, substitutes, aliases, parent relationships, and more from one location and send updated and new items to the stores you select for consistent stock identification.
  • Sales taxes can be programmed individually by store or by groups of stores per local regulations.
  • Promote inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores with an inter-store quantity check feature, so each store can check the inventory levels at all stores.
  • On every scheduled connection to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters, updated item quantities and dynamic item properties (such as store costs and prices) in Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters automatically change to reflect their new value at the given store.
  • When cost information changes at the store level, item costs can be uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters, ensuring accurate, chain-wide item cost reports based on weighted average at Headquarters.


  • Generate POs based on replenishment needs for all stores. You can make the orders for a set of stores or regions and ship to a single warehouse for later distribution or directly to individual stores.
  • Automatically generate POs for selected items, by quantity sold during a period, or for items that fall below restocking levels for all stores or at individual stores.
  • Centralize supplier list management for all stores.
  • Inter-store inventory transfers can be initiated from the head office or individual stores.
  • Once POs are received by the store, the information is uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters automatically on the next scheduled connection.
  • Designate a distribution site—a store or warehouse—as the receiving point where all goods are received.

Pricing, Sales and Promotions

  • The head office can change and download item prices to specified stores.
  • Selected items can be put on sale at specific stores or across the entire business.
  • Special pricing-including fixed-price and percentage discounts-can be set up for “Buy X, get Y” promotions, as well as for items, categories, or departments, and then downloaded to stores.
  • Price changes can be programmed to take effect immediately or during a specified time period.

Sales and Order Tracking

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters maintains highly detailed data from every transaction across the chain.
  • Easily generate detailed sales and profit analyses, sales, commissions, and tax reports.
  • View the electronic receipts generated at each store from Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters Manager.
  • Comprehensive data collection allows for custom data warehousing and OLAP.


  • Gain instant, flexible access to a wealth of meaningful data.
  • Consolidated reports show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items and check sales for any day—by store location, item, department, category, customer, or taxes.
  • Reports may be previewed on screen, printed, or exported to applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Customer reports include:
    • Global Customer List
    • Local Customer List
    • Accounts Receivable—Summary
    • Accounts Receivable—Detailed
  • Sales reports include:- Summary Sales (Daily) Reports
    • Summary Tax Collected (Daily)
    • Detailed Sales
    • Detailed Tax Collected
    • Top Performers Reports
    • Regional Sales
    • Department Cost/Sales
    • Commission
  • Items reports include:
    • Department/Category list
    • Master Price List
    • Master Quantity List
    • Supplier List
    • Item Movement
  • Quotes/Orders reports include:
    • Backorders-summary
    • Backorders-detailed
    • Quotes-Summary
    • Quotes-Detailed
    • Purchase Orders
    • Inventory Transfer In

Customer Management and Marketing

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters maintains a complete profile of every customer who has ever purchased from any of your stores.
  • Customer information includes demographics, preferences, purchase or problem history, account balance, and credit information.
  • Easily print monthly billing statements for On account customers.
  • Enable customers to pay their enterprise-wide balance at one store using the Remote Payment feature.
  • Chain-wide buying habits, shopping frequency, and purchase
  • Leverage thorough and accurate database marketing and relationship selling to targeted customers through custom applications.
  • All data is exportable from the Microsoft SQL Server database— for example to CRM and ERP applications.

Employee Management

  • Monitor sales reps, their hours, and the registers they run.
  • Upload attendance records for computing hours and labor costs at the head office.
  • Centrally compute sales commissions based upon sales transactions and commission structures found in associates’ profiles.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Dynamics RMS-Headquarters:

"Microsoft Dynamics RMS-Headquarters" is part of the Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) line of products, developed by Microsoft.