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Sales Invoicing

Sales Invoicing is fully integrated with General Ledger and Inventory, so you can post and print customer invoices and sales credit memos.

  • Receive notices informing you if a customer has exceeded their credit limit, is blocked from further transactions due to a dispute, or has an overdue balance.
  • Standard Sales - Set up standard sales document lines for a customer, including quantities, to minimize the data entry required for those customers with standard repetitive sales, orders, invoices, and more. These standard lines can be automatically inserted into a new order or invoice and then edited as needed.

Sales Invoice Information Pane

  • Instant access to and a good overview of the customer’s sales history, available credit and shipping and contacts information.
  • Information about item availability, substitutes, prices and discounts are contained in a single view, which makes it easy to provide quick answers to customer questions.
  • Invoice entry is expedited through, for example, a “copy to document” function that is available directly from the sales history window.

Sales Invoice Discounts

You can set up any number of invoice discount terms, for which you define a certain minimum amount, discount percentage and/or a service charge depending on the size of the invoice. You can do this in both local currency and in foreign currencies. The discount is calculated on the individual sales document lines and becomes part of the net sum of the invoice.

Receivables Management

Send statements or reminders to customers with overdue balances. You can specify a range of criteria, for example, when to send reminders to customers, how many reminders should be sent and whether they should vary in character, interest and additional fee amounts, and which currency should be used. Reminders can be created manually or by the program.

Define an unlimited number of finance charge terms, for example, interest rates, grace periods, minimum amounts, currency and so on. Finance charge memos can be created manually or by the program.