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Basic Manufacturing

Production of Bill of Materials Create bills of materials and calculate standard cost. Required for configuration of all other Manufacturing granules.

Production Orders Create and manage production orders, and post consumption and output to the production orders. After you have created a production order, you can calculate net requirements based on that production order. Production Orders includes a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning. The Order Planning window provides the visibility and tools you need to manually plan for demand from sales lines and then to create different types of supply orders directly.

Agile Manufacturing

Agile manufacturing functionality is only available with the Advanced Management edition.

Agile Manufacturing This granule enables you to run Agile Manufacturing, Supply Planning, and Capacity Planning granules.

Version Management Create and manage different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings. You must purchase the Basic Capacity Planning granule before you can set up multiple versions of routings.

Supply Planning

Basic Supply Planning Plan material requirements based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning. Includes:

  • Automatic production orders and purchase orders.
  • Action messages for fast and easy balancing of supply and demand.
  • Support for bucketless and bucketed material requirements planning.
  • Setup for items with their own reordering policy, including registration of whether they are manufactured by or purchased from a third party.

Capacity Planning

Basic Capacity Planning Add capacities (work centers) to the manufacturing process. Set up routings and use these routings on production orders and in material requirements planning. View loads and the task list for the capacities.

Finite Loading (only available with Advanced Management edition) - Manage finite loading of capacity-constraint resources. Make more reliable plans by taking capacity constraints into account so that no more work is assigned to a work center than the capacities can be expected to execute during a given time period. Used with the Order Promising granule, Finite Loading also enables the system to calculate capable-to-promise (CTP).

Machine Centers (only available with Advanced Management edition) - Add machine centers as capacities to the manufacturing process.

Production Schedule View production orders and capacity loading in an integrated, graphical Gantt chart. Reschedule operations by dragging and dropping in a graphical interface to update the related production order data. This granule does not provide new scheduling functionality. Instead, it enables you to use a graphical interface for tasks otherwise done in tabular form in routings, task lists, load windows, and so on. By consolidating existing data and functions for capacity planning and scheduling in one graphical interface, this granule provides an improved overview and simplifies use for different user roles. This granule is targeted at smaller manufacturing companies, so it does not support the more advanced capacity planning features such as Finite Loading, and it is best suited for a limited amount of concurrent production orders.