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What to buy, how much to buy and when to buy are critical to running a profitable retail operation. Multiflex RMS provides the necessary tools that will help you to make the right decisions in managing your inventory.

Purchase Order Management

Intuitive purchase order management tools, flexible and fully customizable reporting tools and to the minute product performance data are among the comprehensive feature set offered to you by Multiflex RMS solutions.

Whether you have a single boutique store or a multi-store chain with e-commerce outlets, Multiflex takes the guess work out of inventory control and frees your mind to perfect your recipe for success.

Inventory Replenishment Management

Inventory replenishment management is essential to maximizing profitability and customer relations for any retailer. An effective Retail Management System helps retailers to create a balanced inventory according to customer demand and historical data.

Seasonal inventory and multi-store operations face the continuous challenge of coordinating a multitude of information. Multiflex RMS makes inventory replenishment decisions easy and fast. Intuitive reporting features and analytical data are at your finger tips. Multiflex RMS provides the necessary information for you to decide to replenish inventory by transferring among stores or to place a new purchase order.

Accurate Inventory – Completely Automated

Accurate inventory data is an essential key to maximizing profitability in retail. On-hand figures and item, category and vendor performance data contribute to the accuracy of inventory count and information. Reliable and accurate inventory data minimize the need for costly and distracting inventory counts. Multiflex RMS provides a variety tools and methods for you to maintain control of your inventory, minimize shrinkage and produce reliable inventory data … and is completely automated.

Inventory Count Devices

Portable data collector devices integrated into the Multiflex RMS system facilitate accurate and speedy cycle counts while dynamic on-hand inventory data help you to verify your information before making new ordering decisions.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control Management:

"Inventory Control Management" is part of the MultiFlex RMS (Retail Management System) line of products, developed by Microhouse Systems.

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