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Visual Ticket

A multi‑module management system designed by MicroCode for retail trade companies.
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The Visual Ticket is a state of the art POS system, that focuses on providing maximum ease in processing your orders. This product will allow you to click your way through an order with maximum ease, and will capture an incredibly large amount of information and record it. This product is based on a revolutionary “grid” concept, allowing you to see up to 99 line items of an order. Each item in the system will include information on production, enclosure, card, deliver, and florist information. The non-modal design of the system gives you the ability to jump anywhere on an order at any time. This means that, while taking an order, you are in charge, and not the program. This is a quantum leap from the existing technology. You can click anywhere on the screen, (including any line item), and seconds later you are there. From start to finish this is the complete solution to managing your floral business.

Functionality Modules

Order Entry Visual Ticket’s Order Entry application is a Non-Modal based interface. Currently, most text based order entry systems have a “Modal” interface; meaning they…

Inventory Items Visual Ticket will provide you with basic inventory management capabilities, to provide a more complete point of sale system. You can add/modify or apply UPC barcodes to any…

Customers Visual Ticket uses the Micro Florist Server to store customer files and update them in real time. All customer profiles can be accessed, setup or modified from any Visual…

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