MESONIC has been making business software since 1978. Our primary aim in development is to increase the productivity of our customers and to provide them with clearly measurable ROI. Our programs are designed to optimize company business processes and bring results in savings of both time and costs.

In order to make sure that the investments of our customers are protected for years to come, Mesonic particularly strives to incorporate and support new, upcoming technologies. To this end, we are constantly investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological progress. Continuous, rigorous employee training and qualification is part of this policy.

This all forms the basis of the MESONIC Growth Guarantee that gives our customers the security of knowing they have a system that is stable and usable in the long-term, regardless of a particular platform.

For the local support of our users we have built a far-reaching distribution network. With the current 200 authorized distribution partners and their partners, there are around 700 Mesonic dealers around the world to serve our customers, offering many years of experience in the retail, industrial and service industry sectors. They supply pre- and post-sales consulting, installation, training and support services to customers.