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Mercury Payment Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Being First

As the first payment processing company to put our technology, for free, into POS systems, pushing the envelope is our defining difference. Every new idea, technology development, or unique service we create, leads us to a new breakthrough.

We believe that being first only matters if we sustain the effort and continue to deliver winning solutions to our partners. We set our mission so that we never lose sight of the responsibility that goes with being first.

Mercury Payment Systems’ Mission

Our mission is to create competitive advantages for our business partners. As a first step, we integrated our technology, for free, into POS systems. It adds new functionality and market differentiation to the POS developers’ products. It gives POS resellers a new competitive offering that improves merchant operations. It initiates lasting alliances with our POS partners, who share our goal of delivering the best merchant services and support. We see our entire future filled with firsts.

Integrated Solutions Leader

We lead the industry in POS payments integrations. MercuryPay™, our processing platform, is readily available inside hundreds of POS systems. We distribute it solely through our POS reseller partners. With them, we focus on providing exceptional service and leading edge technology to restaurants, retailers, and supermarkets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mercury’s Integrated Payments Solutions Are Easy to Turn On and Use

Both internet protocol and dial-up options are fast and reliable. We process all payment types: credit, debit, PIN debit, EBT, check, gift and loyalty. We keep the boarding process easy with free application and enrollment. Our “always on” technology, provides uninterrupted payment processing. We also include, for free, 24/7 live support, real-time online reports, and a full host of “fresh thinking” merchant and partner services.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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