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Melton Technologies Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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Originally founded in 1984 by Chuck Melton as Integrated Transportation Software (ITS), the foundation of Melton Technologies (MTI) has always been about making it easier for trucking companies to embrace new technology and improve their bottom line with high quality trucking software. Chuck Melton, who worked with Pilot Freight Carriers in the late 70s and early 80s, saw deregulation as one of the key milestones that would allow smaller companies to compete with larger ones, provided they had the right technology.

ITS was one of the first PC-based trucking software companies to offer integration to the then-new satellite tracking offerings of QUALCOMM, offering its QTRACS and Circle of Service products for automating Dispatch. In 1994, the company was bought by Qualcomm, Inc. and managed by their OmniTracs division. In May 1997, Melton reacquired the company, products and key personnel under the MTI banner.

Today, MTI is a leading provider of PC-based trucking software, covering all aspects of fleet management operations, from dispatch operations to billing and settlements to maintenance and driver compliance.

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