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MedEZ™ keeps your inpatient psychiatric facility HIPAA-compliant with customizable checkpoints including: Attendance checks, Therapist notes, automated charge sheet calculator, Reimbursement pricer, and Reports. These healthcare reports and the billing software help administrators to monitor billing. Permission assigned by the management determines which user has access to which screens. Because our psychiatric hospital software is custom-designed for Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities, items like Status Code, ICD-9CM to Comorbidity Assignment, Admission Form, and Pre-Hospital Living Setting are included.

MedEZ™ for inpatient facilities creates an easy to use psychiatric hospital practice management environment which enables you to complete the following tasks effortlessly:

  • Certifications and licenses are easily tracked
  • MedEZ™ makes HIPAA-compliance simple
  • Scanning, saving, and arranging files of varying file types into MedEZ’s healthcare software is a painless task.
  • Retrieving EHRs and other healthcare information is simple by the use of tabs such as the insurance tab which includes screens on Medications, General information, Allergies, and Prior Authorization.
  • Therapy notes are printable with patient’s name, electronic medical record number, and psychiatric treatment plan, and other therapy information to make the management of written notes simple.
  • Flash reports give administrators an outline of the day, week, month, or year.
  • Easy admission and discharge of patients from your Inpatient Psychiatric facility.

MedEZ’s healthcare software has inventory control capabilities that are easy to use. Enter inventory items for initial database setup and then, management of inventory quantities is simple. The MedEZ™ healthcare software can generate alerts for inventory items that run low. The user can create and receive purchase orders, and MedEZ™ updates the healthcare facility’s database accordingly.

MedEZ™ psychiatric hospital software makes it simple to enter patient healthcare information and admit them into the inpatient facility and include information such as admission and estimated discharge dates, what program patients are in, their chart number and room assignment. MedEZ’s easy to use psychiatric hospital software allows you to assign rooms and check room availability so that you can track patients. You can use the customizable clinical notes software for management of notes on each patient daily or you can choose to manually check attendance and therapy services patients have received. MedEZ™ is customizable so your inpatient facility can create programs for each of the tracks/programs. Each therapy has its own code which is used to automatically create and calculate a bill. Once the patient has been discharged from the Inpatient Psychiatric facility, they need to be discharged in MedEZ™ as well. Then, any remaining charges can be added to the charge sheet and the patient can be billed.

Facility management is made simple using MedEZ™. We include a screen that lists all patients within the psychiatric hospital which can be filtered for only active or only unbilled. From this screen, the billing software such as the Pricer and the charge sheet can be accessed. The reimbursement pricer is available anytime during the patient’s stay to calculate the highest reimbursement rate for any admission.

With MedEZ’s electronic medical billing software your charge sheet will be easier to create than ever before. An automated charge sheet calculator is generated and prices are stored, thus eliminating tedious price lookups. Based on the length of the stay, daily notes, and/or attendance checks, room charges and daily charges are already calculated. This feature of MedEZ’s psychiatric hospital software is easy to use and customizable so you can add items such as pharmacy, lab, and supply charges. Once everything is listed on the charge sheet the billing software can be utilized by clicking on the “Generate Claims” button and batching the charges to create an electronic claim.

The HIPAA-compliant billing software displays what payments have been posted by whom and the current balance. The MedEZ™ psychiatric hospital software package includes an official printable patient statement, CPT Activity screen which shows how much was billed for each procedure, among many other screens, reports, and printable templates.

Other Applications

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"Psychiatric Hospital" is part of the MedEZ line of products, developed by MedEZ.