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MedEZ’s Detainee Healthcare Software was developed to be customizable and easy to use with your administrators in mind. With HIPAA-compliant accuracy and simplicity, the MedEZ™ healthcare software helps with the management of your correctional facility’s medical office through our unique collection of appointment scheduling software, billing software, electronic health records, and reporting.

Employee and detainee information is easily entered and monitored using the MedEZ’s Correctional Facility Medical software. Employee healthcare certification and user security levels are tracked and maintained at the click of a button. Detainee information and Electronic Health Records are easily retrieved through the use of filtering, tabs, and buttons. You can filter lists by beginning to type or by clicking on the information that you would like to sort by. Detainee information and Electronic Health Records are handled with our easy to use healthcare software which includes features such as:

  • Detainee Admission
  • Detainee Discharge

    • Security Level
    • Chronic Diseases
    • Alert Messages
    • Alert Messages

The HIPAA-compliant Patient Navigator makes the management of these options easy to use by allowing you to view a list of detainees and various related healthcare screens, such as the ones listed above, quickly and easily.

MedEZ’s Correctional Facility Medical software system includes appointment scheduling software. This appointment scheduling software provides the ability to arrange individual and group healthcare appointments along with the option to plan reoccurring appointments. To schedule a group of detainees for appointments at one time simply select the patients and enter the appointment type, date, time in and out, and the doctor/healthcare provider. MedEZ™ healthcare software is customizable and information can be changed for each individual detainee or you can remove a detainee from the list.

You will find that the MedEZ™ appointment scheduling software is capable of more than just scheduling such as our customizable calendar resources which are easy to use. You can select different calendar resources and the number of days that you would like to display on your screen. With MedEZ’s appointment scheduling software, you can also keep track of attendance by checking detainees into the MedEZ™ healthcare system when they arrive for an appointment. Admitting a detainee into your healthcare office using MedEZ’s Detainee Healthcare software is as simple as double clicking on the appointment block and checking the Patient Showed Up box. Appointments can be rescheduled and moved to different healthcare providers by a simple drag and drop function.

MedEZ’s appointment scheduling software also contains the easy to use Task Pad which allows you to easily create new tasks and To Do’s. Adding a task does not affect the scheduling of appointments. The management of your tasks will be seen by all users in order to help your staff with items that they may be working on collectively.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Correctional Facility Medical Management:

"Correctional Facility Medical Management" is part of the MedEZ line of products, developed by MedEZ.