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Behavioral Healthcare Management Software Helps Automate Outpatient Facilities

MedEZ™ provides the healthcare community with affordable HIPAA-compliant healthcare software programs for management and automation needs. MedEZ™ mental health practice management software will automate your outpatient facility with:

  • Patient information and electronic health records:
    • Demographics
    • Insurance and billing information
    • Assigned doctor and diagnosticcode
  • Patient registration
  • Clinical documentation software
  • Mental health scheduling software iiiand attendance check-in
  • Therapist clinical notes software
  • Face sheets/admissions profile
  • Program scheduling
  • Employee records
  • Maintain databases

    • Doctors, Therapists, and Clinicians
    • Insurance companies
    • Referrals
    • Patients
    • ICD-9 codes
    • Revenue codes
    • Therapies
    • Programs/tracks
    • Assessments
  • Administrative and CMHC billing software reports

    • Flash Reports
    • Electronic claims reports
    • CMS 1500
    • UB04
    • Bad debt reports
    • Projection report
    • Payment postings

MedEZ™ automates the daily operations of Behavioral Healthcare Management Centers with healthcare software designed with the administrator in mind. MedEZ’s Community care software ensures HIPAA-compliance with checkpoints such as Driver check-in, Sign-in sheets, Attendance checks, Therapist notes, and Reports. Reports give administration an accurate picture of billing. User defined security levels allow access based on permission.

Therapies your outpatient facility offers are customizable in the MedEZ™ healthcare software system. Therapies are assigned codes that are utilized when a program is created. Building a healthcare program is accomplished with a few mouse clicks. You can create customizable tracks/programs and treatment plans offered at your Behavioral Healthcare Center. Some examples are: PHP, Day Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, and Juvenile. MedEZ’s billing software also uses therapy codes to automate billing.

MedEZ™ community mental health software makes it simple to:

  • Keep employees up-to-date with their certification and licensing requirements.
  • Become HIPAA-compliant
  • With MedEZ™ you scan or save documents of different types to be organized and made readily available to you using our EHR package.
  • Necessary patient information and electronic health records can be found easily
  • After entering the patient information, you can schedule an evaluation. Management of CMHC appointment scheduling can be done with the easy to use Mental Health scheduling software.

These features customizable for your healthcare facility

After the patient evaluation, a program or treatment plan is selected and patient registration can be completed in less than a minute. With the Mental Health scheduling software, a patient’s schedule is determined according to their program, but these schedules are customizable for your patients’ specific needs and printable to aid in their orientation. With our HIPAA-compliant Template Letter Module – Registration Packet required forms are printable with the patient name and date ready for the patient’s signature.

Do you provide patient transportation to/from your community care center? Your mental health office will benefit from customizable reporting which is printable daily for each driver. This informs the driver who needs to be picked-up so that the driver can simply follow this list and mark those picked-up or not. There is also an option for a Driver Return List. When the patients arrive at the healthcare center, the receptionist takes the list and simply checks the patients in using the MedEZ™ Mental Health scheduling software.

The receptionist then prints a roster sheet for each program, allowing the therapist to verify patient attendance. Attendance should be entered into the healthcare software. Attendance information is used by the billing software. Client attendance may be grouped by therapist name making therapist notes, daily progress notes, and the clinical notes software easy to use. Once therapy is completed, discharging a patient is simply a click and a date with the opportunity to add a discharge assessment.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Behavioral Health Management:

"Behavioral Health Management" is part of the MedEZ line of products, developed by MedEZ.