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A developer of business management software designed for the health care industry.

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Here at MedEZ™, we are dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with functional office automation and billing software. We have been working with practices to develop easy to use HIPAA-compliant software for over 12 years.

MedEZ™ now has locations in Florida, Louisiana, and Connecticut, and we are continuing to expand across the country. Our expansion is due to the fact that our products are developed with administrators in mind. They come complete with customizable management tools, extensive features, and reports which will allow you to track your operation from start to finish. With easy to use customizable software, you can watch your healthcare facility run smoothly on the MedEZ system.

PeopleAt MedEZ™, the essence of our company’s mission has always been to help our customers flourish. That said, we feel that the MedEZ™ software packages can help healthcare practitioners, like you, realize their full potential as caregivers. We feel privileged to offer products that impact the patient directly, resulting in a healthier, better informed populace. We succeed at this by building a community in which our employees and our customers work together in the spirit of innovation.

Building mission-critical applications for medicine requires tremendous attention to the myriad details that make the difference between satisfaction and frustration for our customers. This is why we continue to keep our razor-sharp focus on the ambulatory medical environment. We are fully committed to providing products and services that add value to physicians’ practices.

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  • MedEZ

    A full ERP system designed by MedEZ for health care & social services companies.

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