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The Standard Product Routing (SPR) package handles the creation, maintenance and reporting of data describing internal operations, outside processes, tools and notes used in product manufacturing. SPR is sometimes referred to as a bills of labor package since one of its more important functions is to record the standard or planned labor hours for each step of the manufacturing process. This package standardizes manufacturing routings.

The Quantum SPR package includes a variety of functions from which you may pick and choose in order to tailor the package to your needs:

  • Entry and editing of routing data are interactive
  • Maintenance of labor standards is kept at the operation level
  • Scheduling and lead time may be specified by a percentage value for each operation, indicating how much it should overlap the previous operation
  • Operation types including productive (the most common), move, setup, rework, inspection, and alternate are supported
  • Special tooling control information is provided
  • Decimal precision for hour and cost fields is defined when files are set up so precision is under the control of the Operations Manager
  • Operation Cycle Multiple field permits standard hours to be expressed per 1, 10, 100, or 1000 operation cycles

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"Standard Product Routing" is part of the Quantum Manufacturing line of products, developed by MCBA.

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