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Some of the manufacturing packages, such as Shop Floor Control and Inventory Management, are control packages, designed to assist management in controlling the manufacturing process as it proceeds. Other packages, such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), are strictly forecasting packages, designed for use in planning future activity. Like General Ledger and Labor Performance, Job Costing is an analysis package, designed to analyze manufacturing activity after it has occurred.

Job Costing compares planned or estimated costs to actual costs and then provides reports to management. This analysis is vital to the process of preparing estimates for future customer jobs. The reports also help management pin down exactly where actual costs exceed planned or estimated costs.

Job Costing allows for the entry of jobs and all the details about job costs (material, labor, outside processes, and burden). Planned detail can also be automatically interfaced from the Shop Floor Control (SFC) package, if SFC is in use.

Actual labor, material, and outside processing data for a job can be reported. Burden is automatically calculated at the appropriate rates by work center. Costs for the material can be obtained from the Inventory Management package, if it is in use. Actual costs for outside processing can also be pulled from the Accounts Payable package, if in use.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Costing:

"Job Costing" is part of the Quantum Manufacturing line of products, developed by MCBA.

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