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Quantum Manufacturing

A multi‑module management system designed by MCBA for manufacturing companies.
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MCBA Quantum Manufacturing System

MCBA Quantum Manufacturing System is designed to strengthen your manufacturing operations by improving productivity. Our goal is to improve your bottom line profits.

Our Manufacturing system allows you to PLAN for and not React to, your own internal processes. Yet at the same time it gives you the vital information that allows you to REACT to the competitive Marketplace by making adjustments to you operations.

The system is easy to learn and easy to use. Your employees will it learn it quickly, use it more often and more effectively as they do their jobs. It is designed to speed the flow of jobs and material throughout your operations. It can help reduce your inventory investment. This system will improve the accuracy of information throughout your organization which can enhanced your ability to compete in the marketplace.

The Quantum Manufacturing System can integrate with the Quantum Distribution System as well as the Accounting System.

Popular Functionality Modules

Job Costing Some of the manufacturing packages, such as Shop Floor Control and Inventory Management, are control packages, designed to assist management in controlling the manufacturing…

Capacity Requirements Planning The Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) package shows the planner how well the existing capacity of the shop meets the anticipated load. It also provides tools that enable…

Labor Performance Labor Performance (LP) is the package within the MCBA Manufacturing System which handles the entry, tracking, and reporting of employee performance statistics, attendance…

Shop Floor Control The Shop Floor Control is used to help control the process of production; including the workers, material, machines, and time used in production. Shop Orders can quickly be…

Standard Product Costing The Standard Product Costing (SPC) package maintains standard costs and current costs for both accounting and manufacturing management. The programs are used to automatically…

Complete Functionality Module List

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