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Maxwell Systems has been acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software. Street Smarts is no longer offered. Viewpoint recommends instead Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint V6).

Portland-based Viewpoint Construction Software announced its biggest acquisition to date, buying a Pennsylvania company called Maxwell Systems. (

Materials Management provides control over manufacturing costs, the sale and delivery of materials, and trucking expenses. Complete integration from the scale through printing invoices allows more material tickets to be handled more quickly with fewer errors. Production is sent on demand, which amounts to daily job costing and invoicing for improved cash flow.

In Materials Management, internal trucking and hired hauler costs are automatically sent to Job Cost on a daily basis, and vouchers are automatically created to facilitate payment to truckers.

Perpetual inventory is automatically tracked. This helps when forecasting raw material needs based on awarded jobs and quotes. Tracking and analyzing the Cost of Goods Sold for your material operations has never been easier. Materials Management is designed to make accounting for your material operations an automated process, which eliminates costly errors and provides timely, relevant management information.

Materials Management streamlines the handling of materials through product cost control, third party scale interfaces, and ScaleSmarts, a feature designed for scale operations that require independent daily operation while maintaining centralized pricing, credit, and customer control.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Materials Management:

"Materials Management" is part of the Maxwell Systems StreetSmarts line of products, developed by Maxwell Systems.