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Maxwell Systems has been acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software. Street Smarts is no longer offered. Viewpoint recommends instead Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint V6).

Portland-based Viewpoint Construction Software announced its biggest acquisition to date, buying a Pennsylvania company called Maxwell Systems. (

Equipment Management allows managers and owners to know where equipment is located and to monitor utilization for owned and rented equipment. Key factors of utilization analysis are easily tracked, such as idle time, down time, and productive time.

Maintenance is an integral part of the successful utilization of equipment. The Preventive Maintenance component helps contractors avoid unnecessary equipment breakdowns and productivity losses. In addition to recording routine maintenance and costs, tracking fuel usage and parts inventories, Equipment Management allows contractors to schedule preventive maintenance. Integrated Truck Management allows contractors to match truck revenue with costs, providing the ability to analyze Profit and Loss for each internal truck.

Equipment Management provides all of the tools necessary to successfully manage your fleet

Equipment Inventory controls equipment parts, jobsite materials, and plant/quarry inventories. Equipment Inventory provides internal supervision over ordering and stocking to keep inventories as low as possible while ensuring that out-of-stock conditions do not occur.

Truck Manager provides comprehensive control over all costs associated with truck fleets and hired haulers. This component provides the ability to calculate expense per truck for the internal fleet and generate an open payable invoice with all details for a hired hauler.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Equipment Management:

"Equipment Management" is part of the Maxwell Systems StreetSmarts line of products, developed by Maxwell Systems.