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Maxwell Systems has been acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software. Maxwell Systems Management Suite is no longer offered. Viewpoint recommends instead Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint V6).

Portland-based Viewpoint Construction Software announced its biggest acquisition to date, buying a Pennsylvania company called Maxwell Systems. (

Project Management can streamline business processes in the office and in the field. Documents may be efficiently managed and data entry may be reduced, which means more time for analyzing job details and pinpointing profit erosion. Helpful alerts and customizable business metrics provide valuable information to project managers. Project Management makes it easier to finish jobs on time and on budget.

Business Center collects job-related data for an instant overall picture of your jobs. You’ll verify job performance, compare job costs (estimated, committed, and actual), identify potential problems, and take the steps necessary to avoid them. RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Bonds, Change Order Forms, Payment Applications, Subcontracts and more are just a point and click away.

Project Management is comprised of several components that streamline business processes for any job regardless of size, location, or complexity:

Cost Management for Job Costing and Equipment:

  • Job Costing provides the tools managers need to verify job performance, identify potential problems, and take steps necessary to maintain profitability. It captures data from other Management Suite components and from the field. Job Costing performs sophisticated calculations based on industry best practices.
  • Equipment Costing, which is fully integrated throughout Management Suite, helps maximize your return on investment. All aspects of equipment ownership and use are monitored, including equipment identification and location, costs and revenues generated by use and rental, regular maintenance and emergency repair.

Project Documents: Project-related documents — RFIs, Transmittals, Submittals, Change Orders, Lien Documents, Contracts, Meeting Minutes and more are seamlessly integrated into the system. By automating the creation and tracking of important documents, Project Documents maximizes the order and efficiency of time-consuming tasks.

Subcontract Control provides total control over subcontractor commitments and activity, including entry of the original contract, monitoring of insurance and bonding status, positive and negative change orders, invoices and requisitions, retention processing, and payments. Fully integrated with Job Costing, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable, Subcontract Control ensures accurate and timely accounting and contract processing.

Lien Tracking: With the on-screen alert system, project managers may quickly identify liens that require action. Tracking is provided for Contractors (Accounts Receivable - Job Billing) and Customers (Accounts Payable - Payment Processing).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Management:

"Project Management" is part of the Maxwell Systems Management Suite line of products, developed by Maxwell Systems.