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Maxwell Systems has been acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software. American Contractor is no longer offered. Viewpoint recommends instead Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint V6) or ProContractor by Viewpoint®.

Portland-based Viewpoint Construction Software announced its biggest acquisition to date, buying a Pennsylvania company called Maxwell Systems.

Note: While the American Contractor product line continues to be fully supported, you’ll find ProContractorMX includes numerous new and robust features and is Maxwell’s current recommended solution.

Project Management can streamline business processes in the office and in the field. American Contractor gives project managers the ability to track the optimal amount of detail for each job or sub-job. To get started, job budgets may be created from estimates, previous jobs, or imported from third-party applications.

For the inevitable changes of any job, American Contractor handles pending, internal, and contract change orders. Project Management includes components that manage Lien Tracking, Quantity Tracking, Subcontractors and Scheduling. The Command Center centralizes the critical, real-time information from Project Management and gives managers insight for informed decisions. American Contractor gives contractors the flexibility to manage jobs for maximum efficiency.

Project Management streamlines business processes for any job regardless of size, location, or complexity

Job Cost Tracking: Fully integrated throughout American Contractor, Job Cost Tracking is the focal point for profitably managing jobs for your construction business. This software component interfaces with a number of third-party applications for ultimate flexibility, including MS Office, estimating, outside payroll, project scheduling, and national price updating services. Job Cost Tracking manages change orders, budgets, and burdened labor, including exact calculated burden or user-defined percentages.

  • Quantity Tracking: Quantity Tracking and Unitary Billing are incorporated into Job Cost Tracking.
  • Lien Tracking: With the on-screen alert system, project managers may quickly identify liens that require action. Tracking is provided for Customers (Accounts Receivable - Job Billing) and Contractors (Accounts Payable - Payment Processing).

Subcontract Control provides control over subcontractor commitments and activity, including contract printing, over-billings, and required lien releases. Alerts bring to light upcoming expiration of subcontractor licenses, insurance, and Workers’ Compensation policies.

Project Scheduling: Using Gantt charts with imported tasks from jobs, monitor critical paths and schedule resources such as vendors, employees, or equipment from lists within American Contractor.

Info Center manages important project documents and Outlook e-mail with maximum efficiency. Info Center supports multi-page images, allowing you to associate scanned images with master records, documents and transactions. Info Center also organizes and retrieves electronic files and scanned documents. In addition to full integration throughout American Contractor, Info Center features integration with third-party imaging and file storage solutions for extended flexibility.

Job Invoice Printing: Choose from AIA, Progress Billing, T&M, Cost Plus, Over-the-counter and more. T&M and Cost Plus billing items are automatically created, and billing percentages are automatically computed based on costs to-date.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Management:

  • Equipment Management
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement/Inventory Management
  • Service Management
  • Takeoff, Estimating, and Proposal Management
  • Workforce Management

"Project Management" is part of the Maxwell Systems American Contractor line of products, developed by Maxwell Systems.