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A developer of business management software.

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Exclusively 3PL

For more than thirty years our focus has been the development of software solutions for third-party logistics service providers who serve multiple clients. Along the way we’ve helped some of the most profitable and progressive names in the business use our 3PL technology to gain an operational edge over their competition.

Knowledgeable Team

The collective knowledge base at MAVES spans more than 450 distinct multi-client 3PL implementations. This level of understanding extends well beyond the technology and into the business side of the 3PL industry. So when you work with us, you spend less time explaining the work you need to do, and more time getting that work done.

Partners in Success

At MAVES, we are not just a software company - we are committed to helping you achieve success. Our people have worked on countless projects together transforming 3PL requirements into working realities. The MAVES experience before and after we install your software solution is decidedly superior thanks to our partnership with you, the customer.

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